Goal: To develop a comprehensive water strategy that ensures a sustainable supply for all.

Why is this important?

  • Water is a renewable resource, but it is not unlimited. Sustainable communities understand this and work towards living within the ecological limits of their local water supplies, especially in the context of climate change.
  • Smart water planning in the present will ensure a clean, safe, reliable supply of water to meet the needs of Dawson Creek's citizens far into the future.

Where are we now?
Dawson Creek's water comes from the Kiskatinaw River, a tributary of the larger Peace River. The City has one main treatment facility, two miles west of the city, and three pump stations for raw water, one located at the river, one at Arras and one at Devereaux.

As demand from residents, industry and agriculture have increased the ability of the river to meet all the needs of the community has come into question. A number of low water incidents since 2003 have highlighted the need for a strong vision and conservation strategy.

A Water Conservation By-Law was recently adopted by Council, which outlines different levels of conservation. The by-law is designed to encourage citizen participation to achieve conservation goals.

How are we doing?
The community's sustainability plan will also outline a series of indicators so that progress toward sustainability can be measured over time. It is expected that the indicators will be available by the end of 2008.

What are we doing to improve?
Dawson Creek is working hard to plan for its water resources for our children and grandchildren. A number of initiatives are currently underway.

Living Water Smart is the provincial government's vision and plan to keep our water healthy and secure for the future. Through this plan, the B.C. government commits to new actions and targets - and builds on existing efforts to protect and keep our water safe.
Living Water Smart - BC's Water Plan

Drinking Water Emergency Response Plan
Potable Water System Emergency Response Plan (2,115 KB)
The purpose of this plan is to assist the City of Dawson Creek in preparing for and
responding to emergency situations within the potable water system.

Reclaimed Water Information Session - The City of Dawson Creekis a community at the forefront of sustainability and longevity by constantly exploring new initiatives to improve their social, cultural, economic and environmental position. One such initiative is the ability to reduce the amount of water being withdrawn from the City's sole water source, the Kiskatinaw River. 2020-02-04 Reclaimed Water Project - City URBAN SYSTEMS Presentation - 2020-01-31 Reclaimed Water Presentation - Public Information - final The City is exploring the opportunity to use reclaimed water to provide a viable project for various uses including Oil and Gas field operations, dust control, irrigation, among others.

Water Protection Plan
Kiskatinaw Source Water Protection Plan (2007) (1,185 KB)
The Kiskatinaw River watershed is the source of water for the City of Dawson Creek. This report summarizes the proposed source protection plan for the watershed.

Water Quality Assurance Plan
City of Dawson Creek
Water Quality Assurance Plan (792 KB)
This plan reviews and assesses the City's overall waterworks system and develops a framework of capital improvements for source extraction, transmission, treatment and delivery of safe potable water for the long-term.

Stormwater Management Plan
Phase I available soon.

Supply and Demand Report:
Environmental Development Plan Supply and Demand (29,480 KB)

Watershed Management Plan
Watershed Management Plan (2,303 KB)
This plan establises objectives and policies for protection of the city's water resource. The focus of the policies and objectives is to minimize the impact of existing and future activities within the watershed on water quality.

Water and Sewer Connecting Lines Service Bylaw (74 KB)
Water Conservation Measures Bylaw (115 KB)
Water Rates (consolidated) (47 KB)
Water Rates for Consumers Located Outside the City (42 KB)
Waterworks Frontage Tax (61 KB)

Water Strategy


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