Sustainability Planning

Goal: To create a framework for decision making and for the integration of all planning processes.

Vision Statement

Dawson Creek will be a visionary community that works together for innovative social, cultural, economic and environmental vitality.

Mission Statement

The Corporate Mission of the City of Dawson Creek is to provide excellence in service and leadership that promotes a dynamic community within a healthy environment for all generations.

Why Sustainability Planning?

Sustainability is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

  • A cornerstone of sustainability is the recognition that all aspects of society and the natural environment (including governance, the economy, culture, infrastructure and natural resources) are interconnected.
  • Sustainability planning helps Dawson Creek realize its vision for a sustainable municipality and provides the framework to integrate sustainability thinking into every day decision-making.
  • Dawson Creek has been engaged in Sustainability Planning since January 2007. The primary goal of this process is to ensure that all policies, plans and actions are in accordance with Dawson Creek's principles of sustainability.
  • The sustainability planning process involves Council, staff, citizens, organizations and businesses to provide diverse perspectives and support for the long-term vision of a sustainable community.

Steps in the Sustainability Planning Process

Pre-planning - complete
During the pre-planning phase, Dawson Creek created its initial "roadmap" outlining how the ICSP process would unfold. As Dawson Creek's process moves forward, adaptations are continually being made to this original roadmap in order to maintain a flexible and responsive planning process.

Phase 1 - Vision - complete
The City's Vision and Mission (70 KB) statements were revised during Phase 1. Council crafted new statements based on input gathered through the public consultation process in 2003. While the old vision statement reflected the economic aspects of the community's priorities, the new vision emphasizes all aspects of sustainability.

Also during Phase 1, a representative from The Natural Step Canada provided two days of training in Natural Step principles. This training created a common understanding of the principles of sustainability among the people who will play key roles in the forthcoming stages of the planning process.

Phase 2 - Baseline - June to December 2007
The City took stock of existing plans and policies. The goal of Phase 2 was to determine how existing plans and policies are working together to promote sustainability, where inconsistencies may be occurring and where gaps exist in current planning work. With the help of the Holland Barrs Planning Group information was gathered through interviews with key staff and community members, as well as document review. Through this process 10 key areas of focus were identified.

Sustainability Baseline (4,088 KB)

Phase 3 - Strategies and Actions -January to October, 2008
In Phase 3, strategies and actions were identified to help fill in the gaps identified in Phase 2. Strategies and actions will be incorporated into existing plans, or will require the creation of new plans to ensure that each of the 10 focus areas is well on its way to increased sustainability.

Phase 4 - Indicators and monitoring - July to December, 2008
During Phase 4, a series of targets and indicators will be developed for each of the 10 focus areas. A monitoring plan will be developed that will assign responsibility for collecting indicator data and tracking progress in each area.

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