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DID YOU KNOW: Bike to Work Week (BTWW)began in Greater Victoria in1995 with a core group of commuter cyclists committed to raising the profile of commuter cycling. The eventcounted approximately 500 participants. In 2012, more than 25 communities participated with the following stats.  The City of Dawson Creek has signed up and is holding its first annual “Bike to Work Week” from May 27 to June 2…get on your bike Dawson Creek!!!!

SIGN UP for Rain Barrel & Composter



Living sustainably is the challenge facing us all as individuals, families, businesses, and communities. Welcome to the City of Dawson Creek's website about sustainability. Here you will find ideas to use in your home or business, and a complete accounting of the city's sustainability plans and actions. We invite your comments so please contact us with questions and ideas. Our website is made possible by support from businesses such as Atlantis Pools (pool opening service in London Ontario and Clearhouse LLP - Charn Hansra, CPA, CA

Rain Barrel & Composter Sign Up - Are you looking for a Rain Barrel or Composter? The City of Dawson Creek will be taking names for individuals interested in purchasing a Rain Barrel and/or Composter. For further information contact City Hall at 250 784-3664 or e-mail mturcotte@dawsoncreek.ca

"BIKE TO WORK" WEEK The City of Dawson Creek is holding its 1st Annual Bike to Work Week starting May 27 to June 2. Griffin Sports has donated a bike....to enter just follow these easy steps:

1. SIGN UP - go to Griffin Sports and register (names will be entered in the draw for the bike - only those participating will be eligible). Don't forget to say "hi" to the guys - this is a great draw prize.

2. REGISTER - On-line to www.biketowork.ca, select BC Communities and pick Dawson Creek

For further information contact 250-784-3664 or call mturcotte@dawsoncreek.ca


JAN/FEB/MARCH/APRIL/MAY- Daily Water Consumption We have now converted our water reporting from US Gallons to Cubic Meters. If you have any questions regarding this change please contact our Water Treatment Plant at 250-782-3114. Check out our new "Water Page" everything you want to know about our water.

FEB/MARCH/APRIL - Truck-Filling "Reclaimed Water" (NEW)



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